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Respect the gloombas (ON HIATUS)

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Did tumblr on the computers changed? If not you can search that tag, when it pops up, change the html “search” into “tagged” and hit enter. Then when it finishes, the “follow this tag” should be on the top right.

Yeah. There was an update that removed the ability to track tags. Because tumblr is an ass.
Thankfully, the xkit guy saved the day with classic search.

(Now excuse me as I shamelessly reblog my new otp)

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I finally find an OTP I actually wanna track on tumblr and I forget how to track tags —_—

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The longer I play ME3, the more I realise I ship Tali with Garrus and not so much with Shepard…

I’m still probably gonna keep romancing Tali in every male Shep playthrough because Tali is just so incredible but I just… damn… they make such a cute couple.

Note to self: Actually finish one of the fem Shep playthroughs, if only to see how their relationship unfolds.

Additional note to self: Don’t romance Garrus while carrying out previous note to self.

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I wanted to quickly point out something to those of you getting drawn into hype speculation.

Remember these are all preproduction images, and it’s fairly obvious from the comparison of the background graphics (or lack thereof) that the cleared images are from an earlier point in production than the display stand mock up. You can already see the differences between the two types of packaging, look at Tahu in both versions. The Tahu in the display stand has a much darker bar across the top of the packaging and while it’s not obvious what the item in the right hand corner is, it’s definitely not the Ignika (or at least not the same picture as on the clearer images). This suggests that the presence of the mask of life is simply a placeholder while the designs were getting finalised.

My point is no to get too swept up into hype speculation, as there’s actually very little we know for sure right now.

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